Delutio Car Barn and Loft, Morrill ME 2014
All Rights Reserved Susan Guthrie
“Larason’s design and direction helped me to complete this project on time and under budget.” --Kenny Cole, Builder, Monroe, Maine
This small 1-1/2 floor, 26’ x 22’ saltboxed car barn has an uninsulated cathedral ceilinged 26’ x 16’ space on the upper level and was built in Morrill ME in 2013 for Kate and Brian Delutio. The ground level accommodates two cars and a motorcycle and allows both a workshop space and stairs to the upper level where in the future the owners plan to develop living space for their growing family. The barn is clad with locally-sourced 1 x 10’ shiplap boarding, as are the builder-made sliding barn doors. These doors slide two to each side, in an 8” deep by 26’ x 8’ pocket created by the 8” cantilever of the upper floor frame over the garage floor frame.
small is beautiful